Canadian Wet Basements- No Digging

Most people, upon discovering they have a wet basement, immediately panic at the prospect that they will now have to dig around the outside of their house in order to get rid of the problem. Time and again, our customers are relieved after to speaking to our expert staff when we explain that there is a much more practical and more efficient solution available to achieving a permanently dry basement or crawl space. Even today, few people know that digging up the space around the outside of your home is not the best solution to a wet basement. For many homeowners it is a case of the exterior weeping tile system that is failing and causes a wet basement. If this is your particular situation, you need to understand that replacing a failed system with the same type of system is not the best choice to rectifying your problem.


The advantages of our unique Foundation Guard waterproofing foundation speak for themselves. Compare the table below and see just how Canadian Wet Basements can provide you with a permanent and fully guaranteed basement waterproofing solution to keeping your basement dry without the need for digging.




We open 8 to 9 inches of the floor from the floor wall joint

Dig the exterior right down to your footings, decks, porches and remove landscaping

Foundation Guard will never clog as it sits on the footing level where there is only fresh gravel with concrete on top

If the weeping tiles have already clogged, it will likely clog again

We drill every hollow core on your block foundation which drains the pressure from the block

Block foundations need to be drained and this cannot be done from the outside of your home.

The mould is removed and the basement leak is treated with the Mouldex product

Mould cannot be treated with outdoor basement waterproofing

We provide a lifetime warranty with all our work

There is typically no lifetime warranty with work of this type



Don’t compromise the integrity of the foundation that your home sits on by accepting a quick-fix solution that may simply cause further problems down the road. Take care of water, moisture and mould problems once and for all without having to dig up the area surrounding your home with our basement outdoor waterproofing services. Treat the cause of the problem by having Canadian Wet Basement Solutions install our unique Foundation Guard basement waterproofing systems and enjoy a dry basement that is guaranteed for the life of your structure.


It is important to remember that wet basements will lead to mould problems, which can cause serious health issues for you and your family. We have been helping home and cottage owners throughout Toronto Ontario keep their basements and crawl spaces permanently dry for the past 12 years and would be happy to provide you with a free estimate. Take a minute to read what our customers have to say about our Toronto basement waterproofing services then give us a call and let us help you take care of your water, moisture and mould problems forever.


Wet Basement Solutions Customer

Hear what our customers have to say:

“We had water in our basement for over 25 years. We tried numerous times from the outside to fix it but it always seemed to come back. When we talked to Greg, he was very confident in his product. It has been years now and we are still dry. This is the only company you need.  They are great!  Don’t look any further! ”

- Don & Judy Smith, Collingwood