“Our Basement was wet for years. Greg was great. He backed all his words and we have been dry for 3 years now. ”

- Don Berry, Kirkfield

“My Basement is finally dry.  That rock is finally dry!  It has been 3 years now. Great Job. ”

- Lois Campbell, Honey Harbor

“Canadian Wet Basement Solutions has had us dry for 4 years now. Great job and great service. ”

- Eilleen Robinson, Orillia

“Our house was wet for years until we found Canadian Wet Basement Solutions. Thank You! It’s been our pleasure giving you many referrals. ”

- Victor & Dorothy Lougheed, Nottawa

“We had half our basement done. We then called Greg back 5 years later to do the other half and now we are fully dry. Great job ”

- Frank Henry, Tottenham

“We had water in our basement for over 25 years. We tried numerous times from the outside to fix it but it always seemed to come back. When we talked to Greg, he was very confident in his product. It has been years now and we are still dry. This is the only company you need.  They are great!  Don’t look any further! ”

- Don & Judy Smith, Collingwood

“We had our basement restored 3 times in 4 years.  My Insurance Company sent me a letter raising my deductible.   I called Canadian Wet Basement Solutions and it has been 5 years now and still dry. Thanks Greg and Dorian. ”

- John Leblanc, Chatsworth

“Our house is right on the water in Honey Harbor and we have bedrock in our basement. Our wet basement has been dry for 3 years thanks to basement waterproofing. Call these guys if you have water! ”

- Maria Wilcox Honey Harbor


“We recommend Canadian Wet Basement Solutions to all our clients with moisture problems. ”

- Service Master, Midland

“We had a bad moisture problem in our basement; half the basement is bedrock and so we never thought that it could be dry. It has been 5 years now and perfectly dry. Great job guys. Dorian was amazing. ”

- Greg Pacinni, Bracebridge

“Canadian Wet Basement Solutions is simply the best. The product is great and the crew was amazing - very clean and very knowledgeable. We recommend this company to anyone with a wet basement. ”

- Julie Lankin, Collingwood

“Our wet basement was moist from the day we moved in; we had 3 sump pumps in the house.  When Greg arrived he was very confident and very thorough.  We have been dry for 3 years and now have only one sump pump. ”

- Kate Insley, Washago

“We had water problems for over 15 years. No one could solve the problem. The Foundation Guard system has had us dry for 3 years now. Great Job. Great Service.”
- Doug Paul, Collingwood
“We recommend this company to anyone and we have given many referrals.  We have been dry for 4 years now. Great job guys. ”

- Larry McQueen, Collingwood

“January, 2008 we woke up to 5 inches of water. We called in Canadian Wet Basement Solutions. Greg was great. He had a crew there right away and we were dry in 3 days. Great service. Don’t look anywhere else. ”

- Jim May, Owen Sound

“We hired Canadian Wet Basement Solutions to take care of our wet basement.  I was pregnant at the time and the guys were great.   We have been dry for 3 years now and we recommend this company to anyone. ”

- Lisa Ursini, Toronto

“We were referred to Greg. He is very confident and makes you feel comfortable. The quality of his product speaks for itself.  Great job and great staff. Dorian and his crew were amazing. ”

- Dr. Amar Singh, Nottawa.

“We had water for years and had tried so many things but when we found Canadian Wet Basement Solutions we were very excited. Greg was very confident. Our basement has been dry for 2 years now. Great Job guys. ”

- Susan Wells, Eugena

“I had my house for sale when I noticed the water so I called these guys and they had me dry in a matter of days. Thanks Greg for the quick response. ”

- Joe Blakely, Maxwell

“The product is great and the price was very reasonable. The basement has been dry for years. We refer this company to many people that call us. ”

- John Gillespie, Barrie


Wet Basement Solutions Customer

Hear what our customers have to say:

“The first winter we lived in our house we were very discouraged to discover we had a wet basement. It felt like the possibility of finishing it was so far down the road. Once we spoke to Greg we got excited about our options. Now we have a dry basement so we've been able to add insulation and drywall! Thanks Greg for helping us to expand our living space on a reasonable budget!”

- Kelly Miller, Collingwood